Think CONNIE L. When You BUY, RENT, or SELL  

Connie helped me find my perfect home in Tierra Verde. I could not have been happier with my choice in realtors. She was always looking out for my best interests, not just trying to sell me a property. She has an astute eye for details, an excellent communication style, a drive to please her customers (and now friends), and has the depth of knowledge and passion for the island, that should make the Tierra Verde community proud. I did not have to worry about a thing, I knew she had everything covered. Thanks again Connie!
Dr. Buck, Home Buyer


I have been either buyer or seller in a dozen real estate transactions in my life. No other agent has ever been even half as helpful or knowledgeable as you. Thank You.
Jonathan & Suze Huie


Connie was fabulous to work with. She was very patient working with us over the phone and via e-mail prior to our short, 2-day visit to St Pete Beach. When we came to town she had a full slate of condos to visit. When it came time to purchase our condo she was great to have as a local representative working with the mortgage bank, pre-sale inspection and closing. Thank you Connie for helping us find our dream retirement home on the beach.
Randy & Cheryl Brown, Home Buyers


Connie is extremely knowledgeable about her market and her understanding of all real estate matters is extensive as well. She is creative, articulate, relentlessly upbeat and relentless in her efforts to do the best for her clients. I highly recommend you talk to her before considering hiring an agent.
Lisa Wheeler, Home Seller


Connie sets the bar for other Realtors. In an industry where many agents simply think if they introduce you to a property then they should get a check at closing, Connie's customer service reminds others there's real work involved in buying and selling. For me, a seller, the real work was supporting me through the process with knowledge of condo regulations, contract requirements, and miscellaneous tasks in care and presentation of the property for sale. On top of Connie's professionalism, she's a fine individual with a great sense of humor and zeal for completeness. She's a true professional.
David Kelley, Home Seller


Lisa and I want to thank you for all you've done for us leading up to and getting this through closing. We know that this deal could have derailed and crashed if not for your diligence, hand holding, mail delivery, fixing leaks and making ice. We do make a good team, but this time you personally went above and beyond.Thank you so much and hope we have an opportunity to celebrate (on us). Thanks again and see you soon.
Daniel Kloczkowski, Home Seller


Daniel and I decided to buy in FL over 10 years ago and were very fortunate to have met Connie. Connie has helped us buy and sell many properties, not only to find our dream home, but also with other investment and rental properties. Connie takes genuine pleasure and pride in her work. She is dedicated, professional, attentive to detail and trustworthy. She knows the area and market well. She is the only one we need.
Lisa Kloczkowski, Home Seller


Thanks for all you have done to sell that home! We are so happy it has all worked out, in large part to your efforts & hard work! Thanks again, it's been a pleasure.
Dr. Brian Burke, Home Seller


Connie Langhorst is one remarkable Realtor from our experiences with her over the past six years. That might best be said about her character and integrity as well as her working style in the real estate realm. She has all the attributes one seeks in a Realtor and rarely finds among such. Whatever you need, she can ease your realty journey, whether it is an alter ego, a counselor, a legal mind, a stress buffer, a therapist, a financial advisor, or a thoughtful friend.  I have been involved in a long lifetime with 137 property transactions, and vote Connie as #1 of many!
Jay R. Stager, Home Seller


Connie, without a doubt you are the best, most qualified, most professional real estate agent that I've ever worked with in buying, renting or selling a home. In 2005, when I was looking, you showed me properties and eventually we saw a town home for sale by owner and you encouraged me to call the number. You were just trying to do the most for me in helping me locate a home and as it turned out I did call and accepted the price. I felt that was very unselfish of you as it was a FSBO and you really had nothing to gain. You have stuck by me in trying to sell my place in Florida for the last few yeas and went the extra mile in my decision to rent the place in 2010, taking care of all the required documents, and dealing with the association and neighbors. You answered calls from the tenants and passed the information to me, not that you had to or were obligated to do so in any way. You made sure the place was in the same condition as when they moved in upon their leaving. Again, not that you were required to do so, but because you cared. You located a contractor for some minor repairs and made sure the work was complete and was done so correctly. I think that this, once again, qualifies as really above what was required from you in this situation. You have worked tirelessly since that time to sell the townhome for me, even though I think you would like to have stopped trying, you did not. I will forever be grateful that you did not. You suggested that I obtain an attorney, again not that it was really needed, as you were fully qualified to conduct the short sale, but you were looking out for my best interest. I would not hesitate, in any way, to recommend you as a Realtor or to use you to locate a home in the area. You are very much in tune with real estate in that area of Florida. Thank you for being my agent and friend since we met in 2004.
Phillip Goldston, Home Seller


Connie is a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable of the Tierra Verde area and understood the needs we had to find the right property for us. She is very organized, timely and willing to do research for us to help expedite the search. We would let her know in advance when we would be in town and she made sure to have properties ready for viewing. This is the second time I have worked with Connie and highly recommend her.
Deyonne Epperson, Home Buyer & Seller


Thanks, Connie!  ...We could not have done it without YOU, my friend, and we appreciate all that you did for us.  You are truly an asset to the profession.
Wayne & Pauline Harmon, Home Buyers


If not for Connie's expertise, I couldn't have moved from Pennsylvania on my own. She far exceeded my expectation. A truly talented and caring person. Just the best Realtor ever!
Eleanor Baron, Home Buyer


I really want to thank you for everything you have done, you are TOP NOTCH!  I will certainly refer you to all of my friends and family as the BEST agent in town!
Rudy Silva, Home Buyer


You are one thorough Realtor!  I was impressed with you from the first time I met you and knew you'd give it your all--and, you did!  No one could have done better!
Candice Fox, Home Seller


Thank you for all the support of Showhomes. We're so appreciative of everything you've done for us. We love working with you. You are such a consummate professional in your trade. We Love Lisa and we really hope to help her in any way we can. I hope we lived up to your expectations and look forward to a long lasting relationship with you. Thank you, Connie for all you do! We really enjoyed being a part of your team today.
Carol Ackerman, Showhomes St. Petersburg, FL


Thank you for your persistence in getting this transaction to closing. It is an uncommon trait and one to be admired.
Nancy Burridge, Owner/Broker, Burridge Realty


Thank you for your hard work and professionalism. I enjoyed working with you and have been very impressed by you. Your clients are lucky to have you. I hope they see this so they know how rare a Realtor of your quality is!
Lari Averbeck, ERA Lambrecht & Associates


Thank you for your professionalism and expertise in handling this transaction from contract to close. You are a great asset to any organization!
Mindy DeWitt, Broker, All Florida Realty


It was really good working with you.  You are an excellent agent.  They [your customers] should feel lucky.
Gary Garrett, Davis Islands Realty


Our expectations were met and then some!  Thank you, Connie, for the easy transition.  We have already recommended you to others.
Derwin & Marilyn Smith, Home Sellers


Connie kept us very informed throughout the whole process.  She went above and beyond to make sure the sale of our house was successful and she kept us up to date on the ever changing market conditions.  Awesome communication!
David & Jennifer DiCicco, Home Sellers


Connie made it a pleasure instead of a headache to sell our condo. She did more than expected. Having open houses and being friendly and helpful to all. We have dealt with many other Realtors in the past and found her ethics and honesty far above others.
James & Helen Gordon, Home Sellers


Connie's communication was outstanding, her service & support were outstanding, her market knowledge was outstanding, and our expectations were met. 
Nick & Marina Mills, Home Buyers


You have been great and we want to thank you so much for being our agent. You have been such a hard working and devoted sales representative for our home in Tierra Verde and it has rewarded both of us – we have closed on our home with a buyer who required your expertise in making the deal and our satisfaction being relayed throughout our development and you getting new listings . . . Your marketing and sales approach enhanced our chances of a quality sale and we thank you.
John & Melanie Jensen, Home Sellers


You are always a pleasure to work with!  I wish more Realtors were like you!
David Estabrooks, Estabrooks & Associates


You must be the most unselfish and most helpful Realtor I've met. Most would not even waste their time. I really appreciate all your efforts! Thank you!
Carol Burdelik, Rental Customers

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